Aurox, a USA based DeFi company, is on a journey to change the financial world by leveraging all the positives of DeFi and combining it with centralized user experience and a battle tested platform. The core goal of Aurox is to create a simple way for users to control their funds, execute trades across multiple exchanges and eliminate the complexities of DeFi applying CeFi user experience.

Aurox put me to work on various jobs. It started with creating images for social media. After a while, I was asked to create teaser and introduction videos for the newly released crypto wallet. I also made thousands of crypto icons for use in their wallet and terminal.

No Agenda Show

Under the pseudonym “Nykko Syme,” I create cover art for Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak’s Podcast: The No Agenda Show (also known as The Best Podcast in the Universe) Twice a week during the live show, different artists create cover artwork. The piece that appeals most to the hosts, it is chosen as album art for that episode. This way all the artists participate in providing “Value4Value“.

Check out my profile on the No Agenda Art Generator.